Tribute portraits

Jan deerbard krycinski selfportrait day 2017 sm by deerbard dbse3ip


Jan deerbard krycinski joe rogan3 by deerbard dc2pwqq

Joe Rogan

Jan deerbard krycinski jacob collier by deerbard dc18utq

Jacob Collier

Jan deerbard krycinski theuwagapiesdaily kasia i kris study by deerbard d93josf

Kasia Mecinski & Krzysztof Gonciarz

Jan deerbard krycinski michael stevens tribute by deerbard d82ay9f

Michael Stevens

Jan deerbard krycinski daverapozatribute by deerbard d7z9rsb

Dave Rapoza

Jan deerbard krycinski sycra yasin tribute study sm by deerbard d7pzawp

Sycra Yasin

Jan deerbard krycinski will terrell tribute sm by deerbard d867ju4

Will Terrel

Jan deerbard krycinski xia taptara study sm by deerbard d7pg1me

Xia Taptara

Since 2014 I've been sketching and painting portraits of amazing people who, thanks to internet, accompanied me in my art journey, influenced me, highly motivated and inspired me. Most of the references were taken from Youtube videos I've watched, except for self-portrait (life) and Joe Rogan (his Instagram selfie).

I'm going to continue this series and update one day with new paintings.

I'm also willing to take portrait commissions after careful selection of photo reference and receiving your word of assurance that you understand that it will always be my highly subjective take on the subject.