Beyond Human Artstation Challenge - Heroes

D e e r b a r d 000 character lineup 1 heroes
D e e r b a r d sorcerer lineart 2

Sorcerer is a guard in real life. Not too smart but he's really tired of being just muscle man, he's got ambitions you know!

D e e r b a r d huntress lineart 2

Huntress is bio-engineer, always interested mostly in science, she forgets about his fighting skills.

D e e r b a r d archangel lineart 2

Archangel who is a cyborg doctor in real life. He's constantly under giant pressure in his work but easygoing dude as an angel.

D e e r b a r d fairy lineart 2

Fairy who is a driver. She's sexy and she knows it. Loves speed. And flowers.

D e e r b a r d ninja lineart 2

And finally Ninja. Mechanic in real life. Wanna be fit, wanna be swift and agile... but starting tomorrow.

D e e r b a r d beyond human thumbs

Heroes - Virtual avatars of real humans. But virtual in future is not the same. They're really made of matter, they can act, they have some special powers...