Beyond Human Artstation Challenge - Villains

D e e r b a r d 000 character lineup 1 villains sm
D e e r b a r d informant lineart 2

Informant - a gigantic, four faced pillar offering just any information possible... Or so it seems. No one really knows what are its other jobs. 99% of time it answers touristic information questions anyways...

D e e r b a r d coupler lineart 2

Coupler - hidden from humans eyes, powerful megabrain connecting informations and making things out

D e e r b a r d information exchange point lineart 2

Information Exchange Point - a common spot in city scape. Everyday life stop on the way of many. You can get some information here but you'll be asked for an information in return most likely

D e e r b a r d oracle lineart 2

Oracle - what is your future, will your marriage be happy, will you be rich and what is the maning of life? The oracle will answer every single one of these fundamental questions you've got...

D e e r b a r d unit5 lineart 2

Unit 5 - It's usually being seen in old, forgotten parts of the city. Does it collect cartographic data? Does it collect homeless people's souls as the rumor says?

D e e r b a r d beyond human thumbs1

Villains ideas.

Half humans, half machines... sometimes much more of a machine in fact. They have their own tasks and goals, not really clear to human understanding. Their names are given by humans and connected to observations made about what these creatures tend to do...